Using Concrete Pavers to Create Living Streets

Course Description: This presentation will introduce the concept of using interlocking pavers in urban roadways as part of a new trend in American cities to create pathways and streets where pedestrians and vehicles share space. The European concept known as “woonerf” is a design principle that creates or retrofits low-speed roadways by incorporating traffic calming measures to create shared-space streets to reduce traffic speeds and promote the idea of the street as a public space where people can move freely from connected pathways, parking lots and buildings. The presentation addresses how paver systems work and can aid in defining use through creative colors and patterns. Issues related to public access, wheelchair comfort and safety are also addressed. Finally, the program concludes with an update on the latest industry research on the traffic calming benefits of concrete pavers.

Delivery Method: Live

Internal Course Code: OC131

Duration: 1h

HSW Compatible: Yes

Point of Contact Name: Liz McGhie

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