Designing With Innovative Architectural Blocks For Buildings

Course Description: There are many masonry options for the architect today. Besides standard cmu there are prefaced and pre-finished products that do not require additional coatings, but provide a beautiful aesthetic and performance characteristics, both for interior and exterior projects. These products include:  Glaze CMU glazed masonry units  Ground Face units  Filled and Polished Units  Shot Blasted Textured Units  Acoustical sound-absorbing units  Limestone masonry units  Drycast Veneers In addition, because of its modular nature, different concrete masonry units can be combined within the same wall to achieve variations in texture, pattern and color. Because of its durable nature, and use of less embodied energy, masonry is a very environmentally friendly building product. Masonry offers a variety of different facial applications that can greatly enhance the decorative appearance of the building.

Delivery Method: Live

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Duration: 1h

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